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Aiphone Video Intercom - WL-11 Wireless Video Intercom Series

Hassle-free wireless video intercom

Why Choose Aiphone's WL-11 Series Intercoms?

  • Wireless Video Intercom

The WL-11 Wireless Video Intercom is simple to set up and use. Wiring is not necessary because the WL-11 is DECT wireless. You can accept doorbell calls without being interrupted by other household equipment using the 1.9 GHz range. frequencies 

  • Highly Reliable

It is quite uncommon for a company to win the renowned Deming Prize for quality assurance and manufacturing methods twice, yet Aiphone has. Their products are produced following a method that has received ISO certification and meets with strict guidelines. Aiphone hardware is designed to survive for many years, and upgrades are only made when an application requires more power than the system can provide.


  • a convenient box set that comes with a master and door station
  • Installation is simple.
  • DECT Wireless.
  • 330-foot range from the entrance to master 
  • Using a frequency of 1.9 GHz lowers interference.
  • every call is automatically recorded for three visitor photos, with a total of 100 photos being retained.
  • resistant to weather The WL-11 intercoms are designed to withstand the harsh Australian weather.

Aiphone WL-11 Series Intercom Product

Aiphone Wireless Video Intercom WL-11



  • A convenient box set with a master and door station
  • Easy Installation
  • Clear color video
  • 330-foot range from door to master
  • DECT Wireless
  • 1.9 GHz frequency reduces interference
  • Automatically records 3 visitor images per call
  • Stores 100 visitor images

Price: $329.50


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