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Dahua is a company that was established in 2001 and has since become one of the best manufacturers of innovative CCTV systems, Dahua Cameras and Dahua Intercoms. Dahua produces a wide range of CCTV cameras and equipment, including IP cameras, HD analogue cameras, management and analytics software and other assistive surveillance equipment. Dahua CCTV Systems have several types of cameras which have different benefits.

Types of Cameras :

Dahua Lite Series

Dahua Lite Series is suitable for customers who want high-quality CCTV Systems at a reasonable price. It features a superior cost/performance suitable for small-medium business and residential applications. Dahua Lite Series offers a wide range of resolutions with Full-color/Starlight/general options to fit every scenario.

Dahua Pro Series

Dahua Pro Series is a perfect choice for SMB solutions and projects where both high reliability and flexibility are required. All cameras are equipped with the Starlight features, true WDR and 3DNR, and can provide clear images and rich details even under tough lighting conditions. Full-colour cameras can provide 24/7 vivid colour images.

Dahua Wizmind Series

Dahua Wizmind Series Launched by Dahua Technology, Dahua WizMind is a wide range of project-oriented products that adopt industry-leading deep learning algorithms, such as Dahua IPC, Dahua NVR, Dahua PTZ, Dahua XVR, Dahua Thermal Camera and software platform. Focusing on customers’ needs, Dahua WizMind provides precise and reliable and comprehensive AI products for verticals.

Precise: Dahua Wizmind Series Powered by an AI chip and deep learning algorithms, Dahua WizMind delivers accurate detection and recognition of humans and vehicles, enabling users to rapidly and precisely act on what really matters. In addition, Dahua Wizmind Series provides accurate and effective AI search to locate targets, and various human-based data for business analysis.

Reliable: Dahua Wizmind Strict component selection to ensure the high product reliability. With thorough testing of front-end cameras, back-end devices and platforms, Dahua WizMind injects reliability into all of its solutions.

Comprehensive: Focusing on humans and vehicles, Dahua WizMind provides various application solutions such as face recognition, video metadata, privacy protection, stereo analysis, ANPR, illegal parking, etc. Moreover, Dahua WizMind combines a deep learning algorithm with thermal imaging technology to help users achieve ultra-long distance monitoring in harsh environments, highly accurate non-contact temperature measurements with only ±0.3℃ temperature differences, and early detection of fire.

Dahua Wizsense Series

Dahua Wizsense Series Launched by Dahua Technology, Dahua WizSense is a series of wide range of AI products and solutions that adopt independent AI chip and deep learning algorithms. Dahua Wizsense can recognize humans and vehicles in an image with high accuracy, enabling users to focus on real targets. Dahua WizSense focuses on humans and vehicles, benefiting everyone with intelligent functions, simple configuration and inclusive products.

SMD 4.0:Comes with upgraded AI capabilities, the SMD function filters out irrelevant objects in the scene. Equipped with a new deep learning algorithm, SMD 4.0 is optimized to filter out the size of animals, small or large animals in the scene to avoid triggering false alarms.

Also, SMD 4.0 is able to detect the colour information of clothing and vehicle for data support of quick search after an event.

Quick Pick: Quick Pick technology of Dahua Wizsense can quickly identify human/vehicle targets of interest, which optimizes the search for relevant SMD events. With excellent integration of intelligent functions of both cameras and recorders, this feature is able to search human/vehicle targets based on an AI algorithm that can extract and compare vehicle and clothing colours.

AI SSA: AI SSA (Scene Self-adaption) technology is based on a deep learning algorithm that can identify multiple scenes and adjust to their optimal images.

AI Coding(IP Solution): With the improvement of monitoring resolution, how maintaining image quality while saving storage costs has become one of the most concerning problems for users. Based on CBR (Constant Bit Rate), Dahua WizSense AI Coding dynamically allocates bit rate, Dahua WizSenseprovides clear target images while saving more than 25% bit rate compared with H.265.

Dahua Panoramic Series

Dahua Panorama Series offers a fisheye camera and multi-lens camera for different scenarios. Dahua Panorama Series can cover an extremely wide angle with only one camera, which greatly simplifies system installation and maintenance.

Dahua Thermal Series

Dahua Thermal cameras, which do not require a light source, are excellent for providing enhanced coverage in diverse environments, such as those with harsh conditions or extreme darkness. In addition, thermal cameras have long-range detection and temperature measurement capabilities, allowing them to be used in conjunction with visible light cameras to achieve all-weather monitoring and comprehensive surveillance.

Dahua’s thermal cameras cover both thermal and visual cameras to meet different user demands.

Dahua Thermal cameras are widely used in applications such as perimeter protection, protection of key components (electrical facilities, gas pumps, etc.) and also over-heating detection in critical infrastructure, forest fire prevention, and other scenarios.

Dahua NVR :

Dahua NVR Ultra, Dahua NVR Pro, and Dahua NVR Lite Series network recorders are tailored to fit different applications. Dahua NVR Ultra Series recorders offer the best performance and highest quality. Dahua Pro Series devices are perfect for mid-large size businesses and projects which require a balance between performance and budget. Dahua NVR Lite Series recorders are designed for optimum cost performance with strict Dahua quality standards.

Dahua NVR is equipped with various video channel capacities and physical sizes to cater to various use cases. Up to 256Channel/Unit with 4U size is suitable for applications with high recording requirements but without additional IP storage to save costs, such as in schools, casinos, building complexes, etc. 4Channel/Unit small box recorders are typically used in applications at home or in small businesses like retail shops.


Dahua Features :


1.     Dahua Smart Motion Detectors

 Dahua Smart Motion Detection (SMD) uses an advanced algorithm to differentiate human and vehicular shapes within a scene and send alarms only when a person or vehicle is detected at the coverage area.

2.     Dahua Smart Dual Illuminators

The Dahua Smart Dual Illuminators technology adopts a smart algorithm to accurately detect targets. The IR illuminator is normally on at night when the place is lowlight. When the target is detected by the camera, the warm light turns on and the camera records the full-colour video and information about key events. When the target is outside of the monitored area, the warm light turns off and the IR illuminator turns back on, which helps reduce light pollution in the area.

3.     Dahua TiOC 2.0

Dahua TiOC, also known as a three-in-one camera, integrates 24/7 full-colour monitoring, active deterrence and AI into one smart and innovative solution, greatly saving time and financial costs for distributors and installers. Dahua TiOC can accurately identify potential risks and effectively warn off intruders, effectively protecting life and property safety.

4.     Dahua Temperature Monitoring Solution – Thermal

Dahua ensures that the temperature of the people entering the area is normal. Dahua Temperature Monitoring Solution detects body temperature in real-time. When the temperature reaches the threshold, an alert notification will pop on the screen and the sound alarm will be triggered at the same time. This solution also supports several kinds of display devices.


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